Line Size: WF7
Head Weight: 17g / 262gr
Head Length: 10m / 32,8ft
Total Length: 33m / 108.3ft
Density: Floating to slomo head
Sink rate: 0,5 inches per second

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Delbetaling fra kr148/måned

Meri is a series of lines designed for coastal fishing. It has a 10m head and a total length of 33m. The Meri series consists of several densities of lines to cover all the needs of coastal anglers. Float to SloMo tip (3m tip) is perfect for fishing shallow and cold water. The SloMo (10m) version is the perfect all-round coastal line with its floating running line. Fast Inter is the go-to line for deeper banks and fishing from the boat. Fast Inter to S3 (4m S3 tip) tip is a great choice for fast retrieve, windy conditions and boat fishing.

Meri has a thin and durable DuraSlim coating. DuraSlim enables us to manufacture a line with thinner running line than before without sacrifising durability. The low stretch core helps you to feel the takes and it also transfers casting energy far more efficiently than traditional cores. The tippet ring at the front end of the line and ready made loop at the back make it easy to attach to the backing and leader. Phthalate free.

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