Westin D360 V2 12g 8cm


Et kanon sjøørret agn! vell kjent og utprøvd denne er en favoritt oss mange sjøørret fisker rundt om! en must i boksen!

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The D360 V2 is an updated version of the famous and fish-catching D360. The new version features a slimmer profile and a smoother surface compared to the original D360. These changes, together with moving the balance point further back, has increased casting distance and improved the action. During a steady retrieve the D360 v2 swims in an erratic side-to-side action. During spin stops the lure continues to rotate – these are features that even the trickiest sea trout cannot resist. Even in strong winds the D360 v2 can be cast long distances, but will still fish shallow.

Internal Teflon tube
Lead free construction
Material: Zinc
Erratic side-to-side action
Continues to rotate during spin stops
Long casting
Single hook
Inline concept helps you lose less fish!

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